STS Egypt is a multi-service company “Schengen Travel Services” was established in 2005 to be a platform to open new horizons for all our customers and therefore find our slogan is Make a tour of your deam.

Our Services

Schengen visas

The Visa Schengen Visa is a complex of 26 countries from Europe. As soon as it is removed from any of the 26 countries, the rest of the remaining 25 countries can enter the country without any other stamps or visas.

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Certified translation

(Certificates, certificates, certificates of experience, identity card, marriage contracts, employment contracts, birth certificates, title deeds, invoices, etc.)

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Health Insurance

One of the most important types of insurance, which may not resort to some of them only if forced by the state to which they go, despite his role in preserving the property and luggage traveler and even protect him from any risk of exposure.

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